About Me

Hey there!! My name is Jamie (a small town girl out of Arkansas) and I run this shop SpookyKillerBabies.com selling my artwork that I create. Drawing cartoons has ALWAYS been a big part of my life from the time that I was really little. I have a strong passion for it and coming up with cool art that others can enjoy.

I love all things horror related mashed up with anything from the 80's which is offered in stickers, keychains, magnets and prints. I appreciate every single order I get and for your support of my small business. 

I do have a private Facebook Group that you can follow if you want so you can see new stuff that I am working on before it hits the shop. If you want to see certain  horror mashups then please drop your suggestions on my private facebook group page!! I would love to hear your feedback!!!! This group page is still pretty new just FYI. 

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