Origin Story

Spooky Killer Babies Origin Story SpookyKillerBabies.com Earth 9-11-2

As the darkness fell upon the blood lit moon there was a scream that echoed throughout eternity. Mankind and all of it's creatures who gazed upon this darkness were scrambled for a split second. All DNA and it's counterparts was glitched deep within causing a switch to flip for which we call -THE DARKSIDE...or formally known now as Earth 19-11-2..... All things that were once normal became ungovernable and murderous. 

There will be tears in their eyes and death. crying, pain and passing away. For there was a new earth, for the old has passed away and there was no longer any balance.

That which was.... was no more....


Darkness fell upon the moon,

Screams were heard impending doom.

Mankind, creatures gave their gaze,

DNA glitch caused a daze.

Scrambled deep within their core,

So that which was, was no more.

The switch was flipped, but by who?

Author unknown, what to do?

Old has passed, now came the new,

Earth 19-11-2









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